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Coin Prize

In-Depth Review

Coin Prize‘You can now win bitcoins in stock forecast!’ With Coin Prize, this thing is now more than possible. It offers great highlights such as the top most popular American stock exchange, NASDAQ betting game, huge payouts every day, and minimum bet of 0.1 BTC with no maximum bet. In addition, by knowing its other incredible features, you will definitely want nothing more.

Coin Prize, as mentioned, offers only one betting game and that is the prediction on the results of stock exchange in NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations). On the other hand, it is of great thing that this brand supports spectrum of languages such as English, Spanish, Mexican, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian, Italian, German, French, as well as Swedish. In addition, Bitcoin is the only payment method accepted in this bitcoin betting brand. Getting bitcoins is easy; you can either buy bitcoins or get free bitcoins whichever method you prefer.

Registration or sign-ups are not required in Coin Prize; hence, you can directly place your bet. But before that, of course, you have to know how to play its unique game. In every betting round, the last close price will be given. Your main task is to bet ‘increase’ or ‘decrease’ on the close price of the given forecasting date. You will win based on the option you bet on if your prediction is correct.

To increase your chances of winning, you can base you prediction on the several pieces of data they have provided such as the Volume Bar, which shows how many bitcoins have been sent to ‘Grow’ which is color green and ‘Drop’ which is red. There is also the OHCL graph that represents all the recent historical data on the stock you have preferred. If you have finally decided, you can now send your bets to the wallet addresses provided for ‘Grow’ and ‘Drop’.

Security and fairness are also emphasized by Coin Prize. They guaranteed to have all of their stock data verified in Yahoo finance. Hence, all the data you are getting are valid and authentic. More than that, all of the rules given, as what to their term is, are ‘crystal and clear’. The ‘hows’ of playing the game are given in the simplest and easiest way that will surely guide novice players in entering a new yet sure unique game.

Another good thing about Coin Prize is that you can always stay in touch with them through various online sites such as Tinychat, Skype, Tumbler, Facebook, Weibo, Bitcoin Talk, as well as Twitter. With this, any of your concerns and questions might surely be given an action and answer in the fastest way you could ever imagine.

With the unique and incredible prediction game it offers, Coin Prize must be consider a great bitcoin betting site. Furthermore, you have the great chances of winning as all of the stock data and step by step rules are provided. All you need to have is a good analyzing skill and a bit of luck to win big in this bitcoin betting site.


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