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CrowdDiceBitcoin dice sites are one of the most popular venues to play and earn bitcoins. With advanced dice games packed with numerous features, these domains catered to the increasing demand of players from all over the globe. CrowdDice is among the newest additions in the Bitcoin gambling industry and in just a short period of time, it quickly gains popularity due to unique dice game and the advantages it provides.

At CrowdDice, users can be a game creator and a player. The former creates a dice game by specifying the profits and payout ratio a player can win while the player guesses the range of the lucky number by wagering on LO or HI.  Among the two, it is the game creator who enjoys numerous benefits. Aside from the fact that they can be a player from participating in other dice games; they are also entitled to receive 0.9% of the pot as a bonus. Great payouts are ensured by being a gambler and an investor at the same time.

With this state-of-the-feature, this Bitcoin dice site outshines all other online dice games. There’s no such thing as the house at CrowdDice since the creators and players compete against each other; hence, the concept of losing and winning is between the player and the creator. On the other hand, it takes a small percentage of 1% from the pot as a service fee and it does not profit from their users’ losing bets unlike other competing brands.

This Bitcoin dice site also runs a Provably Fair system. Users can check the authenticity of their bets as well as the legitimacy of the winning results by using the publicly-shown secret hashes. Though the process of fairness verification is technical, clients have nothing to worry about because this gaming platform provides a ‘Dice Verifier’, so everything is just a few clicks away.

On their smooth and responsive gaming interface sets an exciting and easy dice game. Players just have to choose a game based on the profit, payout ratio, and mode. There are two modes available in this site, the Instant and Two-Step modes. The first one generates the winning number instantly for a fast-paced gaming experience while the latter is a competition against the player and a creator.

CrowdDice also provides lightning-fast transaction, be it a deposit or withdrawal. Only two network confirmations are needed for a deposit to be credited in the user’s account, while payouts are sent immediately without any hassle. Lastly, while they run an advanced security system, it is ideal to add a password to the account since this site offers a no-registration-required feature.

CrowdDice is a good option for those who wanted to experience a refreshing and thrilling way to play the advanced dice game with bitcoins. The aforesaid offers and more will definitely bring tons of boons to the users, so this site is worth giving a try. Read here for more information about CrowdDice.

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