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DiceDroidIf you just loved playing Bitcoin dice but hated the usual humdrums other betting site offers, better take a look and check what DiceDroid can bring you. This automated betting software is built around the popular dice game site ‘Prime Dice’. However, it has catered the interests among players due to the fact that this ‘most advanced betting bot’ can give the thrill of playing dice like a machine.

At DiceDroid, your imagination is your own limit as you can get everything out of their gaming platform. Aside from it will aid you collect and analyze information, it also allows you to set up multiple game profiles, play numerous accounts simultaneously, and of course, give you necessary information to get the best strategy. In a nutshell, this dice gaming brand allows you to play the way you want as any bot setting can be changed based on rules you made for your betting profile.

To get started with DiceDroid, first thing you have to do is make an account. Since the details are just limited to your username, email address, and password, anonymity is guaranteed. After this, have their free betting software downloaded and start playing dice the way you want it. However, there are important things that you must keep in mind such as the primary and secondary licenses that will enable you to run one to multiple Optimal Prime bots – their betting engine.

Most often, players encounter problems such as Slow Betting, Poor fractional handling, and HTTP errors some bitcoin dice sites. With DiceDroid, these inconveniences will not be experienced anymore as Optimal will handle all of these to make things much better. Given this, you can expect to make 4-5 bets a second under normal circumstances and other errors instantly fixed to give you a premium dice game experience.

Since this site only accepts bitcoin as the primary mode of payment, you can assure that there will be no cloudfare issues and instead you will get automatic transactions such as deposits and withdrawals. Still don’t know how and where to get bitcoins? Don’t worry; there are plenty of ways on how to get Bitcoins. Other features that DiceDroid offers are: slows the betting down with sleep commands, protects your balance with their ‘Balance Floor Limit’, easy to use formats with Free Betting Profile editor, and more too good to miss features.

If in case you have questions, concerns, or topics you would want to discuss, they have a ‘Support Forum’ where you can air your thoughts about their gaming platform as well as get your questions and concerns answered quickly.

One look is just needed to say that DiceDroid is a brilliant bitcoin dice gaming platform. With all of these revolutionary features rolled into one, you can sure expect a premium and high-speed dice gaming experience. This site is actually new in this industry so it is a must to give it a try to know if this is a sure smart find. Know more about this automated betting software here.

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