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JackpotDiceIf you are looking for the “fastest way to bitcoin riches”, JackpotDice is definitely the right place for you. In this bitcoin gambling site, you are given the 1 in 6 chance to win 400% of your wager as well as additional 1 in 6 chance to earn 100% of your bet back. More than that, the range of minimum and maximum bet is extreme, you can wager as low as 0.01 BTC and as high as 1000 BTC; hence, you are given a great variety of amounts of bitcoins you want to bet on and eventually earn.

JackpotDice, as what its name suggests, offers only one game and that is a simple and typical dice game. Only, this game is played with bitcoins; hence, the only payment method accepted here is the latter. Furthermore, English is the only language offered in this bitcoin site. Know more about the ways to get bitcoins by clicking here.

There are three simple steps to follow and understand to get started with JackpotDice. The first step is to enter the bitcoin wallet address you would like to receive your earnings. After that, they will generate a temporary bitcoin address for you to send your bets. This is “temporary” as it will change every time you send amounts of bitcoins to this Bitcoin online gambling site. Lastly, they will throw the dice and all you have to do is wait for the result to know if you just got lucky or need to try your luck again.

JackpotDice’s graphics is simple and basic. Upon entering their domain, a solid white background will welcome you. It actually made the details they have presented more readable since they used a bit small font’s size. Also, the information they have shown are organized, from the links that will lead you to the pages showing more details, to the step by step procedures on how to get started. However, even though details are organized there is still some aspect that needs more information. They have provided a page for frequently asked questions; however, there are only about 5 questions answered but not fully.

Payout tables that show previous transactions are also not provided; hence, you may doubt at first as they do not show full transparency. More than that, they also not provide assurance to the players that their bitcoins are safe and they are fair like other bitcoin gambling sites that use provably fair. However, good thing about this site is they provide a customer service via email but then, they state that there is no guarantee that they can reply to all emails as they are just a small company. They also have Facebook and Twitter accounts if you want to know updates in their site.

JackpotDice is a Bitcoin gambling site that offers a simple dice game added more fun and convenience with bitcoins. If you want the fastest way to earn enormous amounts of bitcoins, click here to read more about JackpotDice.

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